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Join us at Blue Tavern on Thursday, May 26 from 5pm – 10pm for great music and delicious Ukrainian food.

If you’ve ever dreamed of trying borcsht, it will be your day! (we will have regular and vegetarian options; yes, there is such a thing as vegetarian borscht).   As usual, expect great live music, inclusive atmosphere, and – so importantly these days – no TV.

We will be collecting donations to help the victims of the war in Ukraine and to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine. The Ukrainian community in Tallahassee works closely with these foundations and specifically recommends them as the way to make the most impact.

Blue Tavern is against war and aggression!  We will keep promoting the values of peace, inclusivity, and art. Hope to see you May 26!

FREE - Cash Donations Encouraged, or you may donate directly to: 


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